Drain Tray 1000mm x 420mm

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Product code: DT0101

Dimensions of this drain tray are 1000mm L x 420mm W x 40mm D which make it suitable for use with Performance Plus units:

 Swimming pool or spa pool heaters 7GP7-1 7GP11-1
 Domestic or commercial hot water heaters 7GD4-1 7GD6-1
 Underfloor heaters 7GU(b)5-1 7GU(b)8-1

This polypropylene (PPL) drain tray offers a combination of outstanding physical characteristics not found in any other thermoplastic. PPL is lightweight, impact resistant, has low moisture absorption, resists most alkalis and acids, resists stress cracking, has high tensile strength and is not-toxic. Ideal for indoor use.