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At Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd we are all about heat pump water heaters...

We manufacture a huge range of heat pumps for heating or cooling water for almost any purpose you can imagine. However, if what you want is not part of our standard range, we can also make purpose built bespoke units.

We service heat pump water heaters for most brands if anything goes wrong

We have parts shop available for heat pump water heaters and refrigeration parts and accessories.  

... and now we have our parts online.

Our History


Back in 1980 Don Trigg realised that people could be heating their pools more efficiently, for a lot less, and so began making heat pumps for swimming pool heating. His heat pump water heaters allowed pool owners to get more use of their pool by having an extended swimming season (or to swim all year round) regardless of the weather. He pioneered the use of titanium tubing within swimming pool heat pumps. This was a significant innovation that meant the pool water heaters didn’t succumb to corrosion from harsh pool chemicals. Almost 40 years later Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd is still going strong with a range that has extended to accommodate underfloor heating, commercial and industrial heating or chilling, domestic or commercial hot water. We now also specialise in indoor pool heating, ventilation and condensation control, and have extended to offer fabric ducting, dehumidification, ventilation for a just about any site or circumstance.
We have grown from Don's back yard to a team of 30 people, or more if you include our sponsored Swimmer; Helena Gasson.


Providing you with a one stop parts shop for everything you need...

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